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Adam Kutner, Personal Injury Attorney

Bicycling, even though it is a healthy sport, accounts for about two percent of all traffic fatalities. A bicyclist is fatally injured in a bike-related accident every six hours. Collisions between bicycles and cars account for about 30 percent of all vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, those accidents are often fatal because bicyclists have virtually no protection.

Vehicles and bicyclists must abide by the same rules of the road, but not all drivers and bicyclists understand the rules of the road. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, call 911 immediately and let the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) evaluate you. Make sure the police respond to the accident and write up an accident report. Do not discuss liability about the accident with anyone unless an attorney is present.

Attorney Adam Kutner is experienced in personal injury involving bicycle riders and will advise you of your rights. He will guide you through the personal injury claim process and work to negotiate the best settlement as quickly as possible. Kutner and his staff know your bills and payments can’t wait, and will work hard to get you fast and fair compensation.

Bicycle accidents and just compensation can be tricky to settle and even trickier to litigate. Las Vegas attorney Kutner will fully investigate any accident involving a bicycle and work to protect the rights of the bicyclist. Kutner and his experienced team will reconstruct the accident, if necessary, to make sure blame is assigned to the appropriate individuals. Kutner will not give up until you have the compensation you deserve.

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